Consumers integration for a sustainable nano-electronic supply chain management

By 2020, more than 26 billion “things” enabled with the IoT will be consumed.  The rapid growth of electronics objects disseminated all over the world in homes, buildings, cars, phones question the availability of natural resources to develop and produce these objects. However, no consumer has in mind the considerable need for raw materials that is needed to produce these connected devices. If the management of the nano-electronic supply chain is becoming crucial in order to realize an efficient utilization of natural scarce resources, it is also necessary to integrate consumer behavior at early stages of IoT devices design to develop more sustainable nano-electronic supply chain. Indeed, the entire supply chain is a pull system triggered by consumers' demand.

The aim of this doctoral work is to establish a first state of art of consumers’ integration in the IoT supply chain, and propose a methodology to collaborate with consumers according to their targeted roles and expectations towards sustainability. The research will be developed in three steps: 1) Benchmark consumer integration practices in BtoB and sustainable context (Why?); 2) Identify the different roles/expectations/acceptation of consumers concerning sustainable product in order to propose a SSCM (When?); 3) Suggest a set of tools to integrate the consumer in SSCM (What? How?).

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published on April 23, 2018