Development of ZnO thin films with controllable doping for their integration into piezoelectric devices on silicon

Piezoelectric devices have received an increasing interest as energy micro-sources from ambient energy harvesting as well as sensors through direct piezoelectric effect. As a cost efficient, biocompatible material composed of abundant elements, zinc oxide has many assets, such as large piezoelectric coefficients as a semiconductor, and a compatible integration with silicon. One of the major issues related to zinc oxide is due to its large residual, unintentional type doping leading to a high density of charge carriers screening the piezoelectric potential generated from mechanical stress.

The PhD thesis work will consist in developing the growth of zinc oxide thin films with a controllable n-type doping by MOCVD, in investigating thoroughly their structural, chemical, and electrical properties by advanced characterization techniques, and in integrating them into piezoelectric devices to measure their performances. Correlations with computations by finite element methods will be considered as well as the formation of zinc oxide nanowire arrays by MOCVD for direct comparison with the thin films.

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published on April 23, 2018