Coming soon: downloadable version of “My IoT: a discovery game”

This game presented in English and French, and prepared within the NEED for IoT research project and co-funded by Nanoelec. The game alternates phases exploring present IoT impacts with phases targeting and building challenges, using the Circulab Agency tools. The downloadable and printable version of the game produced by the serious games agency, Kaperli, will soon be available. Initially developed as a doctoral student module, the game's playful approach makes it accessible for all levels: bachelor, master levels, continuous education, corporate training and for any public seeking to understand systemically the stakes of our relationship with connected objects.

Based on knowledge sharing and circular economy tools, the objective is to build upon the group’s collective intelligence in addressing behavioral changes aimed at digital sobriety.


The game was developed by Laetitia Thomas, as part of her mission as a pedagogical engineer for the NEED project. She adapted the game of her former colleagues from Slow Fashion Forward "My Garment: a discovery game", to the challenges of the NEED project, (i.e. anticipating and supporting a sustainable transition in the field of nanoelectronics).

The final game boxes of My IoT: a discovery game will soon be available in the UGA store.

Published on February 24, 2021