Graduate School UGA - SUMMIT Program

The SFRI project of Université Grenoble Alpes is soon to be launched. Aiming to structure research-based training, its missions are to support the initiatives involving several programs or several academic divisions; develop the visibility of the teaching offer, support the communication and contribute to the attractiveness of UGA’s teaching offer; support internationalisation. Among those programs, discover the thematic program SUMMIT in the microelectronics field.

Microelectronics is gaining in importance for many innovative sectors (telecoms and IT, IoT, automotive, aeronautics, health, transport, defense, energy, etc.) and it is strongly linked to societal and environmental challenges. Vocations are however lacking and it is proving difficult to recruit engineers and researchers. It is key that research institutions and universities make a significant effort to train students to these key professions of the future.

This is the ambition of the Thematic program SUMMIT, which addresses a national need. The Grenoble site is a strong and active place for microelectronics at the international level, with a highly developed and growing industry. The education offer at the Master, Engineer and PhD levels and the different Grenoble laboratories cover all the scientific aspects related to microelectronics: from material to component technology, circuits and devices constituting the essential bricks of an integrated system and in the design of embedded software.

The objectives of this Thematic program are (i) to propose a coherent, complete training offer in microelectronics with a high national and international visibility, (ii) to strengthen the interface between education and research and (iii) to involve early on students within the emerging scientific domains of the area (in link with the relevant Labex and CDP).

Published on October 23, 2020