PhD Grants

NEED for IoT project offers ten specific PhD grants to talented students. Their topics cover both social and technological sciences. PhD students have been selected through an open call on subjects which correspond to the following main issues: Optoelectronics and photonics; Spintronics; Piezoelectric sensors; Sociology of innovation; Marketing; Supply Chain Management.
Subject PhD supervisor

Scalable spintronics devices with reduced Pt content

Bernard Dieny

2D materials-based spintronic devices

Nicolas Rougemaille
Study of HZO films for MEMS applications Skandar Basrour
Consumers integration for a sustainable nano-electronic supply chain management Blandine Ageron
Photonics devices with reduced In and Ga content Thierry Baron
Optoelectronics devices Photonic Integrated Circuits Julien Renard
Supply Chain Risk Management methodologies for the nano-electronic industry Karine Evrard Samuel
Development of ZnO thin films with controllable doping for their integration into piezoelectric devices on silicon Vincent Consonni
Design methodology for sustainable IoT devices Thomas Ernst & Karine Samuel

Education and training of young scientists will help them (i) to jump into careers at the university, in CEA as well as CNRS laboratories or industries, or (ii) to create start-up based on new ideas and patents explored during the project.