Photonics devices with reduced In and Ga content

IoT devices integrate more and more functionalities which requires the use of many raw materials. Due to their unique physical properties, III-V materials are currently used to fabricate and manufacture many kinds of optoelectronic devices such as laser source, IR imagers and/or photodetectors, light emitting diodes, … For different reason Ga, In, P (low abundance, low production capability…) are considered as rare materials and there is a real interest in decreasing considerably their consumption.

The PhD objective is to explore a large-scale elaboration method compatible with industrial production tools and to study the physical properties of III-VI layered semiconductors elaborated on standard microelectronics silicon substrates. Demonstrators will be fabricated to evaluate the potential of such kind of materials for transport and optoelectronic devices. An important part of the thesis will be dedicated to the criticity of the III elements and the vulnerability of their supply chain will be evaluated in regards of the estimated consumption to fulfill IoT demand of such kind of devices.

Contacts :

  • PhD Supervisor: Thierry Baron,
  • Partner laboratories: LTM-CNRS-UGA, CEA-Leti, CEA INAC
published on April 23, 2018