Supply Chain Risk Management methodologies for the nano-electronic industry

Nowadays rare metals play an important role in the emergence of new technologies and especially in the nano-electronic industry with the rapid growth of IoT, generating billions of electronics objects disseminated all over the world in homes, buildings, cars, phones, etc. Up-to-now, the issue of the availability of natural resources to develop and produce these objects has been largely ignored. However recently, the World Bank warned that the energy transition will require lots of minerals and metals to build ever more digital and low-carb connected devices and the networks to handle the huge quantity of data generated by these devices. The risks of scarcity of certain minerals is already a reality and the risks of future disruptions in the electronic supply chains are rapidly growing.

The aim of this doctoral work is to establish a first state of art of the risks that faces the nano-electronic supply chain, and propose methods and tools to anticipate future disruptions. The research will be develop in three steps: 1) modeling electronic supply chains; 2) assessing the criticality of materials used; 3) providing a decision making tool allowing a better anticipation of risks by researchers and companies.

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published on April 23, 2018