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You can find bellow all the talks held on 14 january 2021.

How to combine design and sustainable thinking in research labs?

Marion Coutance, Eng. – Study upon sustainability in the nanoelectronic field under a carbon footprint approach

Safia Boufalaas, PhD student – What is the place of sustainability in today's culture and practices in microelectronics laboratories? - not on replay




Introduction – What are the main concerns in the field?
– Lamia Mouloudi , PhD student – Supply Chain Risk Management methodologies for the nano-electronic industry
– Pauline Hauchecorne , PhD student – Photonics devices with reduced In and Ga content
– Karl Enzo Kloß , PhD student – Optoelectronics in Transition Metal DiChalcogenides (TMDCs)


Introduction – What are the main concerns in the field?
– Ernesto Quisbert-Trujillo , PhD student – Design methodology for sustainable IoT devices
– Quang-Chieu Bui , PhD student – Development of ZnO thin films with controllable doping for their integration into piezoelectric devices on silicon
– Mohamed Bilal Hachemi, PhD student – Study of HZO films for MEMS applications


Introduction – What are the main concerns in the field?
– Justine Marty , PhD student – Consumers integration for a sustainable nano-electronic supply chain management
– Alvaro Palomino Lopez , PhD student – Scalable spintronics devices with reduced Pt and Ru content


Published on February 22, 2021